CID Gateway Beautified by Ryland Homes

A gateway to the Stone Mountain Community Improvement District, merely three miles from I-85 in Gwinnett County, provides convenient access to the district’s offices and businesses. Now hundreds of trees are part of a promise to improve the economic prospects of the entire DeKalb County corridor, beautifying the area and signaling partnership, cooperation and more economic development for the area.

The CID coordinated with Ryland Homes, DeKalb Clean and Beautiful and the DeKalb Department of Planning and Sustainability to complete the first phase of a reforestation effort. Ryland Homes and their landscape contractor, Mainscapes LLC, installed 130 mature crepe myrtles and sugar maples and will maintain them for one year.

The cost to Ryland Homes for purchasing the trees and installing as well and maintaining them is approximately $325 per tree for a total of $42,250. Although the reforestation program only required 2.5 inch caliper (trunk diameter) trees of 8-10 feet in height, Ryland provided more mature trees that were 3.5 to 4 inch caliper that are 12-15 feet tall.

The CID appreciates everyone who joined in this project’s recent ribbon-cutting event. Special thanks to Edward Woodland, Division President of Ryland Homes, and Gordon Burkette of DeKalb Clean and Beautiful, for participating.

[Pictured left to right, ribbon cutters included CID Board Members Alan Dishman, Rebekah Coblentz and Joe Chapman; Jack Kaiser, Pattillo Grounds Maintenance; Larry Kaiser, Collaborative Infrastructure Services; Gordon Burkett, Keep DeKalb Beautiful Director; Juan Adan Sr., Mainscapes Landscaping; Luke Hamner, Eric Masaschi, Tarecia Johnson and Bakari Maxwell, Ryland Homes; Ed Woodland, Ryland Homes Division President; Clay Kirkley, Ryland Homes; Ryan Hoyt, CID Board Member; and Emory Morsberger, CID President. Not pictured: Juan Adan Jr., Mainscapes Landscaping.]