Local Hurricane Relief Efforts Recognized

When Hurricane Irma hit on September 11, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints put their response team into action. A storehouse on North Royal Atlanta Drive became an emergency distribution center on September 13. Leaders with the church packed and loaded trucks full of food and other supplies to send to Florida.

“When the call came in,” said Stephen Aboagye, manager of North America Southeast Area Welfare Production and Distribution for the church, “they said ‘we need a few people to help us to start it’. We ended up having about over 200 people that showed up.”

One hundred and twelve thousand pounds of food and water were packed up and on their way to eight distribution centers across the state of Florida. While those boxes helped storm victims to survive the immediate aftermath, they were accompanied by a supply of chainsaws, brooms and other hardware items that could help residents to clear debris.