Tucker City Council Highlight: Honey Van De Kreke

A lifelong resident of Tucker, Honey Van De Kreke harnessed her leadership skills and a passion for volunteering as part of a team that led Tucker’s incorporation effort in 2015. In 2016, Van De Kreke was elected to District 1, Post 1 of the Tucker City Council; a district that covers much of the Stone Mountain CID’s boundaries.

Honey Van De Kreke“I have a keen interest in making my community better,” Van De Kreke said. “And I like to encourage others to do the same. I appreciate the efforts of the CID, and always encourage the citizens I speak to to purchase or utilize the goods and services of CID members whenever possible, because those businesses are invested in our community just as much as residents are.”

Van De Kreke noted the improved lighting and safety issues the CID addressed recently has not only benefitted CID businesses, but also created a “halo effect” for nearby residents.

“You can’t ‘contain’ security – if it’s good for the district, it’s also good for neighbors near the district,” she said. “There’s nothing that can match the strength of members of a community uniting together for a common purpose, and I appreciate every member of the Stone Mountain CID.”

Van De Kreke was president of the Tucker Civic Association from 1997 through 1999, and continues to serve as a board member. She founded the Main Street Tucker Alliance, serving as co-manager from 2000 to 2016, and she currently serves as President of the Tucker Business Association. She is completing her first term as a member of the Tucker City Council and will stand for re-election in November.